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New Zealand Business Visa Requirement

Capital City:
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Local Time:
GMT + 12
Telephone Code :
+ 64
Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Business Visa Requirement

Business Visa

A business visa is a travel authorization that allows an entrepreneur or company employee to visit a foreign country temporarily for business purposes.

  1. Passport: Passport validity should be at least 6 months at the time of submission. It shall contain at least two blank pages. Have been issued within the previous 10 years and its validity must not exceed 10 years. (Not damaged, torn, faded, etc.). Attach all old passports (If any) or proof of loss. Handwritten passports and passports with observations regarding the front page (bio data) cannot be accepted.
  2. Photographs: TWO recent passport-sized photographs (45mm x 35 mm with white background). Face coverage is around 70 –80% of the photograph
  3. Visa Application Form: ONE Form No. 1017 (NOV 2016 version) to be filled and signed by the applicant. Please note only one form is required for the family (Husband, wife & kids).
  4. Cover Letter: Detailed Original Covering Letter on company letterhead addressed to The Visa officer, New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi. Covering letter should have the details like mentioning the date at the top, Subject request for a visa, designation in the organization, the full name of the applicant and other members traveling, passport number, purpose of the visit, who is going to bear the expenses, date of entry & exit and also the places which will be visited by the applicant in New Zealand.
    Covering Letter on a blank A4 sheet (IF WORKING) & on letterhead if doing own business.
  5. Invitation Letter: An original copy of an invitation letter from the New Zealand host or invitee. Its letterhead pad states the purpose of travel, duration of stay, and other necessary details. The invitee must have a signature on the letterhead pad.
  6. Forwarding Letter: A letter from the employer’s office such as a NOC/LOI letter on the organization’s letterhead pad stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, applicant purpose, and assigned roles during the visit, duration of the visit, contact details, and other necessary details. (If working)
  7. Office ID Card: Copies of the office id card/visiting card need to submit.
  8. Company Memorandum: The applicant needs a clear scanned copy of the Company Memorandum if the applicant is the owner/managing director of the company or employed as one of the directors in the company.
    Personal Bank Statements: The applicant must submit his/her personal bank statement for the last three months. He/She also needs to mention the Bank’s name and telephone number with an authorized bank stamp and signature.
  9. Personal ITR Certificate: Applicant must submit the applicants last 3 years income tax return certificate.
  10. Credit Card: The applicant needs to submit a credit card statement copy and card limit. (If have any)
  11. Salary Slips: Applicant needs to submit the last 03 month’s salary slips.
  12. Company Bank Statements: Bank statement copy of the sponsoring company or party for the last 6 months mentions the Bank’s name and telephone number clearly with an authorized bank stamp and signature (If the company sponsors the trip).
  13. Company ITR Certificate: Applicant must submit the last 3 years’ Income Tax Return certificate of the company he/she works for. The license must be legalized by legal authorities (If the company sponsors the trip).
  14. Airline Ticket Itinerary: A reserved itinerary for the applicant’s airline ticket as per the schedule of the trip and return from the trip.
  15. Hotel Reservation: A reserved itinerary for the applicant’s accommodation. He/She needs to mention the hotel or resort as per the schedule of the trip.

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