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Belgium Study Visa Requirement

Capital City:
Euro (EUR)
Local Time:
GMT + 1
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Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Exchange Rate:
1 EURO is equivalent to 86.88 INR

Student Visa Requirement

  1. Relevant Pages of Passport: Original Passport with validity of minimum six months after the intended date of departure and minimum two blank pages for visa stamp.1. National passport into which a visa can be affixed and which is valid for more than 12 months 2. Copy of the identity page of your passport
  2. Visa Application Form: The visa application must be filled with proper information and signed by the applicant. Please find the visa application form below.Completed and signed national Belgian visa application form with 1 recent color photograph (5x3cm)
    with white background glued https://www.vfsglobal.com/Belgium/India/
  3. Photograph: 1 recent color photograph (5x3cm) with white background glued on the application form
  4. Proof of Financial Means: Sufficient financial means can be proven by one of the following means:
    1) Original of Letter of guarantee model 32 + 1 copy
    letter of guarantee is not required for students who are the beneficiaries of an official scholarship of
    minimum 642 €/month. The original proof of that scholarship (+ 1 copy) will be sufficient.
    • In case that the guarantor is a Belgian or a foreigner residing in Belgium.
    a) letter of guarantee model 32, legalized by the city hall in Belgium where the guarantor resides (+ 1
    b) certificate of residence issued by the city hall in Belgium and/or a recto-verso copy of the identity
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    c) Family composition issued by the city hall in Belgium
    d) proof of regular and sufficient income of the guarantor of at least 1.179.65 Euro/month + 642 euro
    for the student + 150 Euro/month per person already at the charge of the guarantor (+ 1 copy)
    • In case that the guarantor is a Belgian or a foreigner residing abroad
    a) letter of guarantee model 32, legalized by The Belgian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the
    guarantor resides (+ 1 copy)
    b) copy of the bio-page of the passport and/or a copy of the residence permit.
    c) proof of regular and sufficient income of the guarantor of at least 1.179.65 Euro/month + 642 euro for
    the student + 150 Euro/month per person already at the charge of the guarantor (+ 1 copy)
    2) Financial certificate from the University which mentions that a certain amount for the living expenses
    has already been deposited.
    3) Loan agreement contract signed by both parties
    4) Sufficient proof of personal financial means
  5. Medical Certificate: The original certificate issued after general health checkup and screening by a designated panel doctor. This certifies that the applicant is in good health and qualifies for the health standard set by immigration. Carrying any of the diseases which might endanger public health. https://india.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/travel-to-belgium/visa/india#5
  6. Academic Certificates and Transcripts: Authenticated original academic certificates and transcripts issued from the previously attended academic institutions.1. Proof that you satisfy the conditions for access to higher education (diploma, academic record, attestation that account is being taken of the application for equivalence or decision or dispatch of equivalence)2. If the school is a private institute, additional documents must be provided (see annex).(((ANNEX)))
    Non-recognized institutions are schools that are not organized, recognized or subsidized by the Belgian
    government. Your school will be able to inform you if the Belgian Ministry of Education has recognized it
    or not. When in doubt, please provide the additional documents to avoid the loss of valuable time.
    Required documents:
    The same documents will be required as for a student in a recognized institution (see above). However,
    in this case, the original ‘certificate by an officially recognized educational establishment’ must be
    replaced by an original ‘proof of enrollment in a Private School’. In addition to that, the student must
    present and undergo the following
    1. A copy of diploma of completed secondary education, permitting higher education (+ 1 copy).
    2. A motivation letter, extensively documented, with a detailed description of the courses he wishes to
    follow in the private institution. Special care must be taken to illustrate the specific character of the
    courses in Belgium compared to similar courses that might be available in the country of origin (+ 1
    photocopy). If applicable, join 2 copies of all diplomas obtained since the end of the secondary
    education including all additional courses taken in-country or abroad, even private ones.
    3. If applicable, a proof of sufficient knowledge of the language in which the chosen courses in Belgium
    are conducted (French, Dutch or English) by producing report cards on which the grades for that
    language are noted (+ 2 photocopies).
    A short interview with a member of the staff of the visa section Comments on sufficient language
    proficiency from the diplomatic mission where the application is filed will be taken in account.”
  7. Enrollment Letter: Original and copy of the Letter of Offer/Letter of Enrollment from an overseas academic institution confirming the student’s admission into a specific study programmed. Original registration at an officially recognized educational establishment * (school or university) in Belgium, mentioning one of the following (+1 copy) :
    • A definite enrollment
    • A (temporary) admission to the studies
    • An inscription to the entrance exam
  8. Other Supporting Documents:1. Copy of proof of payment of the contribution covering administrative costs or proof of exemption.
    https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Application-guides/Pages/Administrative%20fee.aspx2. The document to choose the language in which you would like to be informed about the decision in
    your visa application
  9. Remarks:
    1. The applicant has to submit his/her application by him/herself. (All the documents issued by a
    government authority should be submitted in original)
    2. Please make TWO copies (legible) of all documents mentioned above (front and back). Documents
    have to be arranged in the above order and are to be submitted in 2 separate files.
    3. The applicant needs to do all legalization of official documents before submitting the visa
    4. You can submit your application at the earliest three months before your planned visit.
    5. Additional documents, even if not featured in the list above, may be required by the Embassy.
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    6. The administrative fee and visa fee are non-refundable if the visa is denied.
    7. A later change to the purpose of the visit is not admissible. A prolongation of the visa is not possible.
    In both cases, a new application has to be entered.
    8. For more detailed information on supporting documents, processing times, tracking the progress of
    your visa application, legal background and other immigration related topics, please refer to the website
    of the Immigration Office of Belgium: https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Applicationguides/Pages/Higher_education_or_preparatory_year.aspx
  10. Character Certificate: Certificate attesting to the lack of any convictions for crimes or offences under common law if the
    applicant is older than 21 years of age