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Kosovo (Rep.)

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Check List

Visa applicants should submit the following documents:

  1. The original filled and signed application form.If applicant is a minor, the application form must be signed by parents or legal custodian;
  2. Passport (valid at least three months after the visa expiration date with at least two empty pages;
  3. One visa standardized photo (35x45mm);
  4. Proves showing the purpose of visiting the Republic of Kosovo;
  5. Ticket reservation;
  6. Accommodation (Hotel reservation or notarized letter of guarantee from the host in Kosovo);
  7. Sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of stay in Kosovo (Bank account statement for the last three months);
  8. Health insurance (for medical coverage of at least €30,000);
  9. Visa fee.


Important information:

  1. Depending on the purpose of visiting Kosovo, the Consular Officer may require additional supporting documents;
  2. All supporting documents should be translated in one of official languages of Kosovo (Albanian or Serbian) or in English;
  3. All documents should be submitted as photocopies as well;
  4. Holders of diplomatic/official passports are exempted from the visa fee and from the obligation of the presence at the moment of application in the diplomatic and consular mission.
  5. The applicant to whom the visa is refused can file a complaint within 8 calendar days to the respective consular mission.


Please note that Bangladeshi citizen does not need a visa to visit or transit Kosovo, if:

  1. You are a holder of a valid biometric residence permit issued by one of the Schengen member states or a valid multi-entry Schengen Visa (max. 15 days stay)
  2. You are a holder of a valid Laissez-Passer issued by United Nations Organizations, NATO, OSCE, Council of Europe or European Union
  3. You are a holder of a valid travel documents issued by EU Member and Schengen States, United States of America, Canada, Australia and Japan based on the 1951 Convention on Refugee Status or the 1954 Convention on the Status of Stateless Persons, as well as holders of valid travel documents for foreigners (max. 15 days stay)

You can also check on their foreign ministry website: www.mfa-ks.net/?page=2,87